#RapidReset 14-day Dietary Health Program

#RapidReset 14-day Dietary Health Program detox cleanseWhat is it?

#RapidReSET is the lite version of the highly popular and effective #ReVITALISE Program.

It is a 14-day tailored dietary cleanse program designed to gently and effectively reset your digestion and metabolism.

My purpose is to help you develop a thriving relationship with your food, your eating habits, and your body.

Your purpose? Well, only you can answer that….

Who is it for?

  • You’re constantly feeling tired and lethargic
  • You are SO over not having energy to get stuff done
  • You can’t find the time to eat properly or exercise as you’d like
  • You’re confused about what to eat – too many contradictory opinions on the internet and from natural health gurus
  • You’re scared that you’ll keep getting sick AGAIN now that winter is almost here
  • You’re really struggling to make some important changes to your health
  • You feel ‘not quite right’
  • You are finding that managing your weight is quite challenging
  • Your gut is telling you clearly…. “STOP TREATING ME THIS WAY!!”
  • You want the support and expertise of a professional natural health-care practitioner without the hassle or expense of seeing them every week.

What will happen?

  • You will start to sleep and feel better
  • Your energy (and maybe even libido) will improve
  • You’ll be able to eat nourishing meals easily and find time to do what you need to do to stay fit and healthy
  • You’ll learn exactly what foods do best for you, and which one’s don’t.
  • You’re immune system will improve and keep you strong over winter.
  • You’ll know exactly what changes you need to make, and how
  • You will feel AWESOME
  • You will discover how managing your weight becomes effortless
  • Your gut will start to love you back, the way you love your gut.
  • You will have the support & guidance of a professional, registered natural health-care practitioner with years of experience in this field.

How does it work?

      1. When you apply, we have an interview so I can determine where you’re at, and put together Your Diet Plan for the 14 day period.
      2. You will be emailed Your Diet Plan with the details of the first webinar to attend, and be sent your Chinese Herbal Medicine in the mail.
      3. The webinars will introduce you to the whole group and provide the background details and information about the program, and will be held three times over the 14 days.
      4. You will have a 1-on-1 session with me once per week. Each day you will receive an email with tips, recipes, homework, and videos to support you daily through the process.
      5. You will record and journal your process  throughout the program, and share your wins and your challenges.
      6. Further support will be available on request.

Where is it being held?

In the comfort of your own home! This is an online program, so anyone anywhere can participate. You just need a computer or device and an internet (wi-fi or 3/4G) connection.

When does it start?

The program begins with the first webinar on Sunday July 9 (time to be advised). You will receive your introductory email before then.

You will need to apply no later than Wednesday July 5 to allow for Your Diet Plan to be devised, and your herbal medicines to be posted to you in time for the program.

How much is it?

I’ve decided to keep it at the very special ‘pilot’ price of $350. As the program continues to be implemented and developed, this may change… so do it now before the price goes up!

Payment plans are available on request, and discounts when you sign up with 1 or more friends.

How do I apply?

Either fill out all the details in the form below, or call me directly on (+61) 0403 782 436